Who want’s to be a billionaire?

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Besides the money, what’s different about you and a billionaire? Is there really anything special about them, or is it all down to luck and opportunity?

GoCompare looked into some stats on the world’s 100 richest people over the past 20 years to find out.

Here’s some interesting take home points that might help you to make your first billion:

Be self-made.

Over the past 20 years the number of self made billionaires has risen by 50%. Yes, it helps if you are given a head start, but this trend shows that it doesn’t matter that you were not born with silver spoon in your mouth, you can still make it to that billion.

Get married

A massive 87% of billionaires are married, (the figure for the whole of the US is 49%!) There has been many a study that shows married men live longer and healthier lives than their single counterparts, but not so sure how this works out if you are a billionairess. The study doesn’t say how many times they have been married though, but it does show that 63% of them have 3 or more children.

It’s in the stars

Good news if you are an Aquarius, you belong to the most popular star sign amongst billionaires. Aquarians are typically deep thinking creatives, so maybe that gives them the edge, or maybe it’s all a coincidence. The stats did show that if you are a Libra or a Cancer sign, you have less than half the chance on an Aquarian of becoming a billionaire, (sorry!).

Get rid of the glasses

GoCompare found that only 41% of billionaires wear glasses. Again, they don’t specify if this is because they naturally don’t need them, or if they have used some of their billions to pay for the best medical care and ophthalmologists money can buy, we will never know.

So with these pointers maybe you will be the next big billionaire? Or maybe its all pure coincidence, either way you can keep pushing for your own success with Monese.

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