Now it’s even faster to get a free £5!

Here at Monese we’ve improved our invite process so that it’s now far easier to refer your friends and earn £5 when they sign up and deposit money into their account, for the first time. We’ve also allowed you to have an unlimited amount of referrals via your sign up code, so there’s no need to hold back, share your code to as many people as you like!

Here’s how it all works:

Log in to the app and click on ‘Invite Friends’ in the main menu.

Here you will find your unique reference code which is what you need to give to your friends so they can use it when they sign up.

You can also see exactly where you are in the stages of getting your free £5 from Monese. It shows you how many people have used your invite code, opened their account and who has deposited money into their account.


Remember, you can share your code with whoever you like. There is no limit to how many times your code can be shared or used, and every time the sign-up process is completed you both get £5 straight into your Monese account. So get creative! How will you promote your code? We’ll be keeping our eye out on social media to see some of the interesting ways people are sharing their codes #MoneseMoney


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