5 essential apps if you work remotely

Working collaboratively used to mean having in-person meetings which needed everyone to be present in the same space. Now your team could be spread across different continents and time zones working from homes, offices or even outdoors, so having this in-person contact isn’t always possible.

But don’t fret, all is not lost. There are a whole host of apps out there designed to make remote working easier. We’ve saved you time by whittling down the best and put them in this handy list –

Slack15-logoGone are the days of writing long, cumbersome emails. Slack lets you send messages and documents in real-time with your team across platforms. It’s great for instant communication and lets you keep in contact just like you were in the same office.


hackpad.com_CkePSoA31Yu_p.75578_1389129357266_hackpad-sticker-2x5 (2)

This app lets you and your team collaborate on documents at the same time.



Zapier connects your apps and lets you automate all different kinds of processes. Very good for saving time.



Combines video and audio calls with document sharing for seamless communication.



Forget the hassle of password sharing with this useful team-orientated password management tool. It let you log in securely to a variety of password protected websites with just one password.



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