Simple changes you can do everyday to save money

Saving money is never fun and is almost never easy, but there are some small things you can do to save a little everyday. Saving this way helps to ease the monotony and makes the whole ‘saving experience’ more pleasant. An added bonus of the ‘little and often’ approach is that you will see a boost in your savings without really feeling any negative changes in your lifestyle.

So what do you have to do?

Stay on top of your finances.

giphy (23)

One of the very best things you can do to save money everyday is to know exactly how much money you have. It’s easy to spend more than you expected when you are out and about, but using Monese you get instant, real-time updates about your balance, so there’s never any wonder as to how much money you have.

Don’t use a shopping cart.

giphy (24)

A really simple trick is to not use a shopping cart when you go out. By simply not taking one at the entrance, leaving you having to carry what you need, you are less likely to pick up anything impulsively, and you’ll find you won’t overspend.

Shopping online? Clear your history.

giphy (25)

Heard of dynamic pricing? It’s prices that reflect the current demand, and if you shop online you are probably affected by it more than you know. Many internet retailers agree that if you clear your browsing history you will increase the chances to save money on what you want to buy. This is down to the cookies that you agree to on various websites. These cookies let marketers collect information about what you are looking for, which enables them to see when a product is more desirable to you and they push up the price.

Use your phone

giphy (26)

When you are out shopping don’t forget to use your smartphone to quickly check if you can get what you need online for cheaper, or if there are any special offers/coupons for the item. Many stores will price match if you find the exact same item cheaper elsewhere.

Main photo credit: Images_of_Money


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