Grow your network and get new work in 4 easy steps


Even the most regular users of LinkedIn aren’t necessarily clued up to all the career networking site features, and because of this, they might be getting ignored by potential new employers or clients.

Creating a great profile that stands out for all the right reasons is not difficult, it’s just that most people don’t know what they need to include (and what they should leave out). Follow our breakdown below and you’ll have your profile in tip-top shape in no time.

Cover the basics

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Your name, current employment and the subsequent description give the first impression to others when they look at your profile, so don’t think you can breeze through this part. Make sure you use keywords to describe your current role and make sure your job title is correct and up to date. Also make sure your contact details are correct, check for phone and email address updates and include your Twitter or Facebook page if it is professionally relevant, (no personal accounts!)

Your picture counts

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Profile heat maps show that the photograph is the first thing people see when looking at a profile. When it comes to recruiters, they spend 19% of their time on your profile looking at your picture. So it’s important you make sure the image is high quality, look happy (smile) and most importantly – use a photo that’s professional. Don’t wear sunglasses or have anything obstructing your face and don’t have other people (or animals) in your picture.

Be confident

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Use your summary to sell your unique proposition. Write about who you are, what you offer and what you can do. It might sound obvious but write in first person, never third. When it comes to experience it’s important to focus on sharing quantifiable accomplishments. Also ask for (and give) recommendations from your coworkers. If you have a portfolio add it to your profile.

Create content

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Use the network to create and share work-related content and join in on discussions to share your perspective. There have been over 3 million posts published to date, so get stuck in. It helps to get you noticed by influential people in your field and can grow your network.

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