Living London series – The best Foodie apps

Second in our Living London series, this update is all about one of the best things in London – food! London has some of the greatest restaurants in the world, some larger than others. It’s jam packed with pop-ups, gastropubs, street food and local deli’s galore. But finding them can be tough, and once you’ve found it, getting in can be even tougher. These app have leapt on the challenge of finding the best food in the capital, and getting you in to eat it!



Cityhawk finds you the best table in the most stylish restaurants across London. Using it’s so called ‘smart technology’, it records your habits, which enables it to offer you personalised dining choices, which learns and gets better after every booking.

Great Little Place


On the flip side to Cityhawk, you have Great Little Place. If you are tired of eating in chain restaurants and are on the lookout for something more ‘homegrown’, this app is perfect. You get to browse through restaurants, bars and coffee shops that are recommended by other, real users, and you can share your own hidden gem.


This app is great if you are out and about and want to eat asap. Uncover redistributes cancelled reservations at some of the most sought after restaurants in London, like Chiltern Firehouse, Nobu and The River Café. This app isn’t for planning ahead – there is usually a 40 min notice of availability period.


Hailing itself as the new ‘Tinder for food’, Foodmood lets you narrow down what you fancy eating by selecting ‘yuk’ or ‘yum’, and lets you find where to get it from near you. Very addictive.


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