Here’s how to get some extra cash, fast!

Let’s face it, there are times when we could all use a little extra money in our pockets. Whether it’s gift giving season or you’re just waiting it out until pay-day, having some more cash is always appreciated. You don’t have to take on extra ‘work’ to get your hands on the cash, there are several ways you can make money without adding anymore stress or it taking up too much of your spare time.

Try out some of our suggestions below and let us know how you get on:

Sell your photos online

Are you a dab hand at taking photographs? If you have a halfway decent camera (no, professional grade equipment and lighting is not necessarily required) consider selling your photos online with a partner like Shutterstock. What they do is take on your picture and when they sell it via their platform, you get a cut. Your picture could be of anything (literally, have you seen all the random stock images?) but ones specific to a location or theme may see you get better sales.  

Get on Fiverr

Offer your services on the original ‘five dollar marketplace’ and you could end up with actually a lot more. As a seller you can now offer packages, for which you can charge up to $300 for. Great for using your pre-existing skills to make some extra cash.

Rent out your spare space…

Do you have an unused driveway or garage? Or is your shed or attic unused? You could make easy money by renting out your car space on Parklet or Just Park and if you can offer 15 sq ft of space in your home, Storemates lets you charge £10 per week, bagging you an extra £500 a year!

…Or your whole house

Film and TV companies are always on the lookout for new locations to shoot from, and your house could be one of them. The payout can be really good (in some cases over £1000 a week) but there are drawbacks. You may have to relocate whilst they film, and there may be other types of disruption. If that doesn’t phase you, start the ball rolling here.

Let people hire your stuff

A great site to check out is Rentmyitems. They let you advertise anything that might be of interest to others for hire. It could be anything from cameras, camping gear, bikes and even fancy dress costumes!

Share your Monese referral code

You could make £5 every time someone uses your unique referral code and makes their first deposit in to their Monese account. All you need to do is share your code! Check out our article here explaining exactly how to get your money!


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