Travel smarter with these money saving tips…

Going away on any big trips this year? These tips on saving money whilst you travel are easy, and will keep you well within your budget.

Know your daily limit

giphy (35)

Before you set off on your travels have a pre-defined amount of money that is your absolute upper limit of what you can spend each day, then take 10% off and use this as your daily limit. This amount will be what you can spend each day which will see you through the whole holiday without running out of cash, and you’ll have a nice buffer for extras or emergencies.

Keep an eye on your budget

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Using Monese you can easily keep up to date with your balance. Using your smart phone, you can get instant and up-to-date balance info without even having to open the app; so there is no excuse for not knowing where you are with your daily budget.

Travelling for a while?

giphy (36)

Change your mindset from being on a short ‘holiday’ to ‘living whilst I travel’. You’ll not fall into the usual tourist money traps and hopefully save some money on the way. Living like a local enables you to make certain choices that will save money – like choose to home cook one of your meals a day (more if you can) and avoid eating at too many expensive restaurants. Of course you should take in experiences where possible, but remember they don’t need to be expensive!

Slow Down

giphy (37)

One things that most people forget to plan for is the cost of travelling around your destination. We overlook the cost of buses, trains and taxis, which can cut a chunk out of your overall budget. To cut travel costs down try staying in place a little longer. Instead of moving every few days, stay a week and get to know the destination more. You’ll get to know the cheapest way to move around and have some time to ‘bed in’ to your holiday.

Shop around

giphy (38)

Just because you are abroad doesn’t mean that you always have to take the first, most expensive option available to you. Shop around for things like car hire, tours and even apartments. You’ll be surprised at the price differences.

Be flexible

giphy (39)

Don’t be too rigid with your plans. Where you can, add in some flexibility to your day so if you spot something you’d like to see or somewhere you have to visit you can easily find the time (and have the money ready) to do so.    


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