How to turn ‘hearts’ into ‘£’s’ on Instagram

Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing some top tips and advice on exactly what you can do to start making money online. This week we are talking about Instagram.

Are you one of the 400 million active monthly users of Instagram? If you are (and even if you aren’t) have you considered making money via the social network? Many users are already making money on the site, with some earning more than they ever could on other sites or in their day job. The best things is – you can do it too!

All you need is a decent camera (many even use their smartphones, but a better camera produces better quality photographs), some motivation and a little effort. Use these tips to make a start, and you might just end up making some extra money.

Step One

Build your followers

The number one tip to making money on Instagram (and any social platform) is to have a large following. You will get nowhere if your follow number is low. So building followers is essential.

To build your own followers, you need to find and follow others. It’s best to find people in your target area for more engagement. You can find users using relevant hashtags and keywords. Spend some time everyday liking and commenting on images and videos too.

Keep your posts relevant

Pick your area, and post lots about it. If you are into yoga, post loads about it, of course you can throw in the random lifestyle shot, but you don’t want your post’s to be too diverse. If your posts are relevant you’ll gain and importantly, retain, your followers. Also, when it comes to making money via your Instagram, you’ll find it easier to partner with relevant brands.

Best quality only

Make sure your images and videos are of a high quality. Think about lighting and compositions, what your picture is of and watch your angles. There are plenty of online tutorial explaining how to take a great shot, so use one to get your photography skills up.

Now you know how to build your followers, keep an eye out for the ‘Step two’ in the next “turn ‘hearts’ into ‘£’s’” post where we will be explaining how to monetise your posts and start getting the cash coming in.

Whilst you wait for step two, why don’t you share your unique Monese reference code? You could make £5, for free, every time someone uses your code to sign up to Monese and makes their first deposit.


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