Your greed is keeping you poor – here’s why

Of all the sins of this world, greed doesn’t really hold any particular positive characteristics unlike, say, pride or even envy. No one wants to be described as being greedy – in almost every situation it’s an insult.

Although greed conjures up images of rotund CEOs, with lots of cash, greed can sometimes actually have the opposite effect of making you poor. Here are some examples of greed getting in the way of your profits:

You live to excess

Always looking for a little bit more? Do you like the extras and all the trimmings? Well you are not alone, but your ‘excess’ habit might be costing you a pretty packet. All those extras you like, well, they are costing you money. Every time you order that extra round at the pub, every time you ‘go large’ and every time you say ‘oh go on then, just one more’, it all adds up. Let’s not forget the impact it can have on your health –  61.7% of adults in the UK are overweight which can have a huge knock on effect on your finances, especially if it leads to complications of which you need to take time off work to deal with.

You want it all

Have your eye on the latest gadgets? Or perhaps you want a better car? Some people are not content with their lot in their life, which is fine in some circumstances, but if you find yourself shelling out for generic ‘things’ because they are ‘new out’ or the latest in the series, you’ll soon find yourself regularly out-of-pocket.

You’re not known for your generosity

Don’t think that you need to stash all your money and time to yourself. Actually, giving back and contributing to charity can pay dividends. Invest in good people, projects that have great potential or use your time to mentor others and you will get back a lifetime’s worth of good karma. Surely using some of your wealth for good is better than it languishing around, not really doing anything?

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Main photo credit: R00DY


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