How to turn ‘hearts’ into ‘£’s’ on Instagram – Part 2

If you’ve read our last article about making money on Instagram, you’ll be up to scratch on the first step – getting your follow count up. In this article we’ll be teaching you how to start getting the money rolling in.

Affiliate Marketing

Most bloggers and social media stars use affiliate marketing to make the bulk of their money. So what is it? Affiliate marketing is when you (as the influencer) market a product for a brand. It’s an easy way to start making money via Instagram.

Traditionally people used to need a website to get in on the affiliate marketing action, however now you can use your Instagram account. Using services like CJ and Affiliatewindow you can get connected to brands to promote their products and when a sale is made via your link, you get paid. You put the link in your Instagram bio and promote them on your profile.

If you are going to go down the niche route make sure you pick products that are in your niche. It also help if you can give a credible reason for promoting the product, like you’ve reviewed it, rather than just promoting it randomly.

Not so sure about promoting products? You could try…

Cost Per Action Marketing

This option lets you get paid commission every time someone clicks on the link in your profile, not when they make a complete purchase on the product. This option is much easier than traditional affiliate marketing as you are not relying on making a sale to get any profit. There are many different CPA networking sites and running a search for your relevant niche will throw up many sites to get you started. Just be sure to check the commission rates and fine print.

Be a ‘brand ambassador’

If you have managed to build a large following (or are working towards it) and are in the flow of regularly posting about your niche, you might want to consider becoming a brand ambassador – known in the industry as ‘Instagram influencers’.

Your job as a brand ambassador is to team up with brands to promote their products and company via your posts, hashtags and captions. If you have a really huge following you might get approached by brands, but more often than not, you will need to make contact with the brands you wish to promote and sell in your services.

There are companies that deal specifically with connecting brands to influencers and vice versa. Check out agencies such as Influencer, Takumi and Famebit.

Follow these suggestions to start earning money via Instagram and keep an eye out for the next post taking it one step further – how to make serious money via Instagram.


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