Travelling soon? You’re going to lose money – here’s why…

Whether you travel for work, or you’re jetting off on your long-awaited holiday, make sure you don’t end up paying more than you should whilst you are away. Here are some of the biggest travel rip-offs and what you can do to avoid them, so all you need to do if focus on having a great time.

Airport charges

Don’t get stung before you even manage to set foot on an airplane. Make sure you check in online and print your own boarding passes as some airlines charge you for not doing this beforehand. Also, make sure that your luggage is the correct weight – the charge for going over can be costly.

Travel Money

If you are planning on taking some cash away with you, make sure you don’t leave getting it until the last minute at the airport. Before you go away take some time to shop around for the best rates, you can use comparison websites like or to see where you will get the best exchange rate.

Instead of carrying a large amount of cash around with you, use your Monese card to save money when you spend in Europe. You can use any cashpoint when you are abroad or pay via your card and you will only be charged 0.5% on top of the mid-market rate. This is one of the cheapest rates available. Most UK banks charge around 2.5% plus a £1 charge per purchase and if you take money out of the cashpoint they charge, on average, 2%.

When you have arrived

You still need to be careful once you have arrived. Make sure you are not hit with any unexpected charges, like any tourist taxes or for using hotel facilities like a safe deposit box. If you are going to use any services at your hotel, don’t assume they are included in your package, ask the cost first and read the small print.

Most of us are aware that using your phone abroad can be expensive, but if you use your data abroad for things like updating your Facebook or checking your emails, you might be racking up large data charges. One way to get around this is to turn your data roaming off, or ahead of your trip, limit your daily usage or buy a special data package. Also make use of your hotel’s Wi-Fi (if that is included in your room charge).


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