Why the French are more productive than the Brits…

Here in the UK we all feel like we are working hard (and long hours), but according to the Office of National Statistics, the French are more productive than the Brits despite having a shorter working week that us. The ONS report shows that in 2013 UK workers produced 27% less per hour than the workers in France. So when it comes to work, how do the French differ to the Brits? Well, it might all come down to their attitude- they know how to get the most worthwhile work done in the shortest time.

Here’s how you can be a little more ‘Parisian’ in your work week:

Hide yourself away

Yes, really. Find yourself an empty room and lock yourself in it so you have no distractions. Once you are in, work on one task only. Easy right? Well not really, it’s much harder to sit and focus on your one task and not let yourself get distracted. You’ll find it difficult if you are a self-confessed multi-tasker, but research has shown that you are actually the worst at multitasking.

Cut out the junk

What can you cut out of your day to make your life much easier? Figure that out then just cut it out! Backed up by famous Chinese philosopher and writer Laozi, he once said ‘To attain knowledge, add things every day. To attain wisdom, remove things every day.’

Try your best to not take on lots of extra tasks that won’t necessarily improve your lifestyle or bring you any extra happiness. Ask yourself ‘is this important?’ If the answer is no, then stop doing it. Reduce your email outgoings and cut out unnecessary phone calls.

Use automation carefully

Yes automation can be brilliant, especially when it removes the need for you to do those small niggly little tasks that take up time but are necessary.  But you should be careful and don’t start to rely on automation. You don’t want to dampen your skills, so try to get that perfect balance by using automation so that it allows you to have more time to get on with your work, not using automation to actually do your work for you.


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