You need these money saving apps now!

We are all living the age of austerity and whilst this might not extend as far as our smart devices, we can at least try to use them to save us money.

There are a vast array of apps designed to save us money but we’ve rounded up some of the best that you should definitely be using if you want to save a few bucks!


Love going to music concerts? Then this app is for you. Dice is a British app that lets you browse upcoming concerts from your favourite artists, and some that are up and coming, then lets you book tickets via the app. The best thing about this app is the money-saving no booking fee.

NUS Extra

If you are a student in the UK, get yourself a NUS Extra card and download this app asap! The app shows you all the discounts that are available to students with a NUS Extra card (which is nearly every everywhere) and it has location-based features and a map showing your nearby offers. You can also search for a specific company to see their current discounts.


Think grabbing an Uber is cheaper than a hailing a black cab or calling a minicab? Well, not necessarily during surge pricing. This is where Minicabit steps in. The app lets you search various minicabs and taxi companies and compare their prices for your journey. Great for making sure you are getting the cheapest fare.

Meter Readings

Are you too busy to keep an eye on your gas and electricity readings? Or maybe you just keep putting it off? This app may solve your problem. Meter Readings lets you seamlessly track your energy usage and costs. It’s price comparison feature is where you could save money – you can check out other providers’ costs in your area without having to leave the app.


If you are in the habit of sending or spending money abroad, Monese is one of the cheapest ways that you will find available. There is a 0.5% charge on top of the market rate on transactions, which is one of the cheapest rates on the whole market. Also, if you need to send money within the UK – Monese to Monese transactions are instant and free, so it’s definitely worth having the app.

More Money

Speaking of price comparisons, MoneySuperMarket has launched their own app to make finding the best deal more mobile. It’s a slick app that makes it fast and simple to get estimates for all sorts of insurance, so no need to waste time hunting around for the best deal.   


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