British offices are officially the worst in the world *sigh*

According to an Ipsos poll of 12,000 people, British offices are the ‘coldest and ugliest’ in the world. Nearly one in five UK workers surveyed described their office as ‘cold’ and 13% think their office is ‘ugly’, which is nearly twice the global average.

But here at Monese we like to look at the positives – and we know from personal experiences that the UK has some of the best office spaces in the world, and we’ll prove it by the end of this article!

One Queen Caroline Street Offices – London


Yep, so cold and ugly up on the roof. You certainly wouldn’t want to have any alfresco meetings up here…

Paragon Interserve offices  – London


Comfortable seats and good lighting, nah, not for me thanks.

Smeg offices – Abingdon


Not a fan of indoor garden walls? Yeah, steer clear of here, you’ll hate it.

Cagill offices – Weybridge


Quite why anyone would want a fully stocked kitchen bar and plush seating area is, quite frankly, beyond me.

We Are offices – Sheffield

Amazing architecture and large desk space is what’s on offer here. None of the dark and dingy spaces we all like.

The Centre for Digital Innovation offices – Hull


Looking for views of a solid brick wall? If you are then do not consider working here. This place sits in a unique position on the river Hull and overlooks the Humber Estuary.

Main photo credit: Dean Hochman


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