Ready to negotiate your salary? Never say these things…

You’ve managed to nail the interview and you’ve been offered the position, but now the hard part begins- negotiating your salary.

“Salary negotiations are like any other type of negotiations — except the words you use can be extremely powerful, since there is a personal aspect to the discussion,” says HR expert Steve Kane. “The negotiation is not over the worth and price of an inanimate object, but rather the value of you to some enterprise.”

Before you dive head first into your negotiations, have a read of our top advice on what you definitely shouldn’t say:

‘I accept (the very first offer)’

The first thing to remember is that you are negotiating – so don’t end it before you even have a chance to start the dealings. Make sure you have a figure in mind and try to get as close it as possible.

‘Is that it?’

Never, ever say this – even if you are thinking it. You can always negotiate up, and if the offer is far too low then let them down gracefully. You don’t want to offend the employer, it could tarnish your reputation.

‘I’ve been offered much higher elsewhere’

Even if this is the case, don’t pull that out the bag to try to pressure the employer into giving you more money. It will rarely work.

Only discuss the current offer and make sure you leave any others out of the discussion.

‘I need…’

Leave your personal affairs out of negotiations. You can sell in your suitability for the job and why your skills merit the better salary instead.

‘I think’

Or ‘maybe’ or any other words that make you sound unsure of your own abilities. Be confident with how you speak and you’ll be more likely to convince the employer to pay you more.

Main photo credit: jabberwocky381


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