How to turn ‘hearts’ into ‘£’s’ on Instagram – part 3

In our third and final post we’ll be looking at some more ways you can make money via your Instagram profile. Catch up on the first two parts of the series here (part one) and here (part two).

Sell your photos

If you love taking pictures and care about taking the ‘right’ shot, then consider selling your photographs to agencies, individuals or magazines.

All you need to do is post your high-quality photographs on Instagram and use your account as your portfolio. Use your caption to state that your photograph is for sale and make sure your bio lists where people can contact you if they are interested.

One thing you should always do to your images on Instagram is watermark them so they cannot be stolen and used without proper payment and permission. There are also a few websites that allow you to sell you Instagram photos – check out Twenty20, MobilePrints or Foap.

Have your own company – get on Instagram NOW!

If you are running your own company, no matter what it is, you need an online presence, and Instagram is a great platform to build it.

Use Instagram as your own promotional tool. If you have special offers, need to build brand awareness or want to show off your skills, get your company a profile on Instagram and start posting photographs straight away.

Make sure you caption all images with some details about your current promotion or where you can be found. Make sure you always use relevant hashtags (#) as these could expose you to thousands of potential new customers.

Sell your account

If you’ve followed all the advice so far on this and subsequent articles in the series you should have a significant following and many posts that have been shared, which is exactly what you’ll be needing if you want to sell your account.

Why would you sell your account? Well, you might have begun to lose interest in the account, maybe it’s grown too large for you to manage effectively or you’d like to move on to a different niche. Whatever your reason, you could make money by selling your account.

There are several brands and individuals who are on the lookout for already established Instagram accounts that they can purchase. One way to sell is to post an image or change your bio to let people know the account is for sale. Another way is to go via a website, such as ViralAccounts or FameSwap, who will sell your account for you.


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