Network like a boss with these simple tips

Not a fan of networking? Do you find yourself shying away from going to networking events like conferences or meetings because you don’t fancy the interaction, or perhaps you underestimate the power of creating a solid network?

‘85% of all jobs are filled via networking’, so if you are looking for a new job, or even new hires, you should know how to network effectively. In this day and age, it seems to be the best way of making sure you get in front of the best people, and secure the best opportunities for future work.

That’s why you should clue yourself up on how to network effectively with these tips:

Be prepared

Before you set off to your event, try to prepare your introduction. Now you don’t have to have a script, instead, think about how you will introduce yourself to the people you meet. How will you describe your work and what will you ask them in return?

Preparing this way will give you a boost in confidence and you are less likely to stumble or meander through your vital first impression meeting.

Be interested

Once you have got through the introduction you need to show an interest in what the other person is talking about. Even though you are there to try to make meaningful connections, don’t show your disinterest in someone if they are not the right connection for you.

You never know who others might be able to introduce you to, or where they might be in a year from now. So try to make good, lasting impressions with everyone you meet.

Embrace small talk

Now you’re not expected to jump straight into deep conversations with relative strangers, so get clued up on some small talk topics. You can use these ‘conversation starters’ to keep a conversation flowing, or just to make a lead for getting to know someone better. It’s going to give you options for when the conversation dries up, and could get you out of any awkward silences.

Small talk is also a great way to get across your personality, which is always good if you are trying to make solid connections with people.

Have fun

When you arrive find the group that looks like it’s getting on best and join in. There’s no point getting stressed or worried about these events, most of the time you are going to meet other people who feel the same way as you, so you might as well go and have a good time! Ease yourself into conversations and go with the flow.


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