Get rich by being a mindful spender

Do you ever find yourself wondering about where all your money has gone? Not including things like rent or bills, but what are you spending on day-to-day living? You might not even know, and this is a problem.

According to a report by discount code giant, two-thirds of Brits don’t know what their bank balance is. This worrying statistic highlights the issue that most people have – not being mindful of their money. Being aware of your money is the first step in taking control and getting yourself in a situation where you can begin to save and manage your finances.

Here are some steps you can follow to make sure you are mindful when it comes to your money.

Take stock

A great way to nip your impulse spending in the bud is to take stock of what you already own. It will help you cut down (or even better, stop) your impulse spending because you know you have similar items at home already.

Stay up to date

Use your Monese app to always stay aware of your money. Check your balance using our innovative Insta-balance feature, which enables you to see your balance in your notifications, without needing to open the app. You can also see when, where and how much you last spent on your card, so there’s no excuse to not know where you are with your money.

Slow down

Take your time to make spending decisions. There’s no need to feel rushed or pressured into spending your money. Make sure you shop around, check online for discounts and if it’s the right situation – ask for discounts!

Are you happy?

Make sure you are spending on things that make you happy. If you find yourself spending your money on items that have little to no value to you, or they are not bringing you any joy, then stop wasting your money and save it for later.


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