New entrepreneur? You need these apps…

Are you taking the leap to become your own boss? Deciding to start your own company and become an entrepreneur is a major step in anyone’s career and it can be really daunting. But you needn’t feel like you are on your own, more than 600,000 businesses were created in the UK last year.

Having the right tools to help in the day-to-day running of your company will make your life much easier, and now they almost certainly come in app form. Here are a selection of the best apps all new entrepreneurs need to be using.


If you are always on the lookout for new content or ideas then Pocket could save you a great deal of hassle. Pocket allows you to save all your content and file them using tags. You can then access to them at your own convenience across any of your devices.




Starting to travel more? Then you need to stay in control of your itinerary and be organised. Tripit works by taking your booking confirmations (by you forwarding them) and then compiles them into one handy itinerary, which you can access anywhere, even if you are offline.


Streaks is great for reminding you of any tasks that you need to do. You can set six things that need to get done and the app will automatically remind you when it’s time. It’s great if you are trying to set yourself smaller goals that you eventually want to become habits.


As your company grows you’ll find that you have more and more documents that need to be signed and sent in a timely manner. Forget the old way of printing, signing, scanning and then sending documents; SignEasy lets you open the document in the app, then click to sign. It’s simple and fast.


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