Here’s how to take the strain out of grocery shopping forever…

Amazon has finally launched its new fresh food delivery service, Amazon Fresh, in the UK. The service which has been offered in the US for around seven years is now available to people who live in North and East London (with sights to expand soon) and have an Amazon Prime account. The premise is that you can order your groceries at home or on the go, and they will arrive at your door the same day.

This service certainly helps to take the strain out of grocery shopping, but not everyone is a fan of the global retail giant and it’s not necessarily the cheapest option out there as it requires you to have an Amazon Prime account, which is currently £79 a year.

Here are our top app suggestions for getting your food ordered and delivered without having to ever touch a desktop computer:

Main Supermarkets

All the main supermarkets have their own apps which work in the same way their desktop sites, but some have integrated some innovative technology for your shopping convenience.

Supermarket giant Tesco has an app that uses the If This Then That app, which you link to your shopping basket. With this app you can then set preferences that update your basket for you automatically. For instance, if you need to buy babies nappies you can set it to add them to your basket once a week. Or you could set it to add your favourite bottle of wine to your basket when it is on special offer, all automatically.

Money-saving websites

If you are looking to save the most money on your shop you should consider using the Mysupermarket app, which lists prices across all the major supermarkets. It’s also great as it lets you scan the barcodes of your items and then lets you know where they are being sold for the cheapest price. You can even find out where your whole shopping basket would be the cheapest, and have the option to switch before you buy.


There are a few cashback sites around but the most popular ones, TopCashback, Shoptize and Quidco all have their own apps which allow you to earn cashback when you shop at your local supermarket; all you need to do is take a snap of your receipt when you are done and then the money will be credited to your account. The different apps also have their own special offers for specific products, so it’s worth checking them out.

Shop local

If you like to avoid the big supermarkets in favour for local independents then check out apps like the Food Assembly, Farmdrop and We Deliver Local. They all offer you the chance to buy food from your local independent grocers, butchers, bakers and deli’s for a low fee.


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