Stop blindly chasing success – get skilled now…

Have you ever been asked what you are hoping to achieve with your life? If you have there is a high chance that ‘to be successful’ was part of your answer. The trouble with wanting to have ‘general success’ is that it’s hard to have a focus, and without focus how do you know what skills you need to have in order to achieve the success you are looking for? You don’t want to aimlessly wander through life or your career as you’ll end up unmotivated and unlikely to feel fulfilled.

If you feel like you haven’t got an absolute focus yet, or you are looking for something new there is some light at the end of the tunnel (and it’s not a train!) There are some essential basic skills that we can all work on mastering that will help in finding our success, no matter the career we eventually choose to pursue.

Here are some core skills that you can begin to master today:

Sharpen your focus

Number one on this list is to know how to sharpen your focus. Your ability to focus is a critical factor in your eventual success. You’ll need it to get things done and being focussed is the key to winning. So lessen your distractions by block booking your time – try setting out time to work in blocks. When you are working, you are doing exactly that, so heads down and focus. Once your ‘work time’ is done take a break, then get right back on it.

Stop looking for approval from others

Learn to understand that you have no control over what others think of you, therefore you shouldn’t care about their opinions. If you are constantly looking for approval from others then you will never have the courage to move forward and find your success. You need to learn that you already have everything you need to be successful, and looking for approval is a waste of time.

Learn how to simplify

Stop making things more complicated than they need to be. Make your tasks simpler and you will get through them easier, leaving the stress behind. You’ll also find that you have a clearer path to your success if it isn’t clouded with ‘junk’ and unnecessary tasks that slow you down.

Know how to overcome a bad day

There will always be times where things just don’t go your way, but knowing how to keep perspective and to get back up after a knock is the best way of avoiding failure. Try setting yourself reminders of why it’s important to keep going. Remind yourself of what you are trying to achieve and why it matters and you’ll soon find yourself enjoying all the riches of success! 


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