Make these moves this summer to help land your dream job

Summer has finally arrived and over the next couple of months thoughts turn from work to play, with many of us jetting off on our long-awaited and much-needed holidays. But what if you are also trying to move along with your career, can you really afford to take your foot off the gas all summer? Probably not, but there are ways to make some vital moves in your career that will help you to move up the ladder, without having to sacrifice too much of your ‘down time’.

Here’s our list on the best things to do this summer that may help you land your dream role:

What are you looking for?

To help you in making the right career decisions you should first figure out what you are looking for. Company culture is hugely important and it often gets over-looked in favour of the job package, but it would be terrible to find the perfect role, but in a horrible company.

So know your company cultural necessities and be prepared to look elsewhere if the job on offer does not fit totally with your thoughts.

Know your career vision

Where do you want to be in 5 or 10 years time? How are you going to get there? By asking yourself these 2 questions you’ll be creating your own personal career plan which acts as a basis for getting what you want out of your work life. For instance, if you know that you will need extra qualifications to get to your final goal, you can begin to make a plan including a timeline on when and how you get them.

Think like a leader

Now this might sound obvious but as you move up the career ladder you will take on more responsibility and these will include forming or taking on larger teams. As such it’s important that you begin to think like a leader. Get into the mindset of having to make tough decisions early so that when the time comes you will have the confidence in yourself to make the right choices.

Know your finances

Getting straight with your money might not sound necessary for achieving your dream job, but it is an important step that you’d be unwise to miss out. Knowing where you are with your money is going to give you an idea of what kind of salary you need as a bare minimum and what you need to make real, impactful changes to your lifestyle. Getting clear on this is going to make a far easier when you come to apply for jobs and negotiating your salary.

Using your Monese account lets you stay in total control of your money. By using our Insta-balance feature you’ll know immediately what your balance is and you can see what you are spending you money on.


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