Moving to England (or even if you are already here), you need to read this…

Are you thinking about a move to the England, or perhaps you are already here and are thinking about relocating? Do you need to be within a short commute of work? Or perhaps you are looking for a nice neighbourhood with good schools and a low crime rate? How do you even begin to know where to look?

This is where a great site called Illustreets steps in. They allow you to search for the best place to live in England based on various criteria. You can search on a live map by price and estimated travel distance (which is great if you need to commute). They also tell you the standard of living, crime, average prices, schools (including their Ofsted rating), what the neighbourhood is like (including things like home types and what type of people live there – families, students etc, highest level of qualification, socio-economic classes and what type of jobs the community members have) and so much more.

Illustreets allows you to get build a comprehensive idea about the best places to live in the country without having to do a huge amount of research before hand. It gives you all the information in one place that makes it easy to see the exact areas (right down to street level) that would suit you the most. It’s definitely a great place to start your search and if you use it in the right way – to find the initial key areas before you commit to a move. It can save you lots of money, time and stress in the long term.

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