Time is money, so stop wasting it!

As they say, ‘time is money’, so why do waste so much of it? Just like money we ask ‘where does it go?’ and ‘why is there never enough of it?’ Well there are only 24hr in the day and that will never change, but how we use our time (and more specifically, how we organise our time) can make a big impact on our finances.

Here are some of the best organisation tip, tricks and apps to get the most out of your day:

Rescue Time

Can you say exactly what you re spending your time on everyday? To make the best changes you are going to need to stop guessing and start measuring your daily activity. Now you could go old school and use pen and paper to jot down how long you spend doing everything, but that in itself is going to take time. Using an app like Rescue Time is far better because it runs seamlessly in the background whilst you are working and monitors how long you spend on each task. It can accurately measure how long you spend writing and reading emails vs how much of your time is spent browsing Facebook.

Claim back your hours

Now you know how many hours you are wasting everyday you can begin to claim them back and get more productive. Sort the ‘wasted’ hours into blocks of time that you can use for other tasks. So instead of spending an hour on social media, not really doing anything, how about you take in some exercise, learn something new or even just crack on with your work?

There are many apps out there that you can use to help organise your time but 30/30, Focus Booster and My Life Organized are three of the best out there.

Take time to make time

Now this might sound a little counter intuitive, but take a moment to slow down when it comes to organising your time. Getting into the swing of being more productive takes time, you have to change how you work and form new habits. To make this easier try out different ways of working. Not one solution will fit all people and maybe you find that you work best with many short breaks rather than one long break. Or perhaps you need to work at different times in the day to be the most productive – it’s all down to personal preference. So take a little time to find your flow and you’ll soon find that your time is managed far better, and hopefully your finances will reap the benefit too.    


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