Follow these no-nonsense interview tips to help land you a new job!

Trying to find a new job can put you under a world of stress. Alongside your day job you have to make sure your c.v is up to date, get in touch with your networks and try to bag that all important interview; all of which are not easy!

Once you have won over a hiring manager and get invited to interview, you don’t want to fluff it by rolling out all the same lines that they hear day in day out, you want your answers to be relevant, show your capabilities and some of your personality.

Here are some answers that you should try to avoid saying in any interview:

‘I think outside the box’

Eurgh, so boring! How many times have they heard that one before? If you listen to one thing then make it this – never use buzzwords or clichés to highlight your skills. All it does it make you sound unoriginal and, even worse, it can make you sound unqualified for the job. Skip the overused phrases and answer the question using real work experiences.

‘I’m highly motivated’

And? So what? What does that actually mean to your interviewer? They are likely to think you are just filling time and don’t have anything real to back up your statement. If you really have got some experiences that prove your motivation then tell them exactly what you did. If not then it’s best to avoid saying you are ‘motivated’ as in most workplaces it’s expected that you are productive and work hard.

‘I learn fast’

If you are happy to admit to your potential future employer that you are not totally up to scratch with your role and still need training than say this a.s.a.p*. But in reality, you want to try to convince them that you are capable and have enough experience to do the job well.

If there is potential to take on extra learning and training then great, you will be up for it, and let them know this. Consider saying something like ‘I am always interested in furthering my experience and I’m happy to undertake further training…’ It shows that you are not just good for the role you are applying for, but you are willing to take it a step further and expand your skills which will work in the company’s favour.

*Don’t actually say this, ever!

‘My biggest weakness is perfectionism’

Nope, it’s not, and no one is going to believe you if you say this. It’s the go-to ‘fake’ weakness that most people draw for, but all it does is make you sound over rehearsed. It’s always a tricky situation as nobody wants to admit to their weaknesses at all, especially not during an interview for a much wanted job.

What you can do is try think about what they are really asking you and it becomes a far less scary question. They want to know if you can realise that you are weaker in any particular area and what you are doing to help yourself get better. For instance if you are not great at public speaking, say so. Then follow-up with what you are doing to combat the issue.

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