Need to live near a London tube stop? This map will show you the price…

Saying that London is an expensive city to live in is as true as saying that the sky is blue, or that grass is green, it’s a fact. But just how expensive is it to buy across the capital? Finance comparison site has created a new map that shows the average cost per square foot of property within a 0.5km radius of each stop on the tube map.

They found that the tube line with the most expensive average property price is the Hammersmith and City line, which averages at £1,125 per square foot. Opposite to this is the Metropolitan line. Consider living in areas on this line as it’s come out as having the cheapest average property price at only(!) £504 per square foot of property. But this seemingly great price for living near a tube line is mainly down to the fact that the Metropolitan line stretches out into Buckinghamshire.

The map seems to indicate that if you are looking for a short commute, but also cannot afford to pay the astronomically high property prices of central London, then looking around Bromley-by-Bow or North Acton may be your best bet. Both areas sit on the border of Zones 2 and 3, so they offer a short commute into town and the price per square foot comes in at less that £500.

Click below to have a closer look at the map and see how your area of London compares to others.




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