How to get the perfect work life balance

Finding the perfect work life balance seems to be the number one priority on everyone’s wish list. We envy those who look like they have worked it out, they seem to have the perfect time balance of work and play. They can work their 9-5 without much stress, manage to fit in everything they need to do and still have time to relax.

But we are not alone in feeling like we need more balance. More than 10 million workdays were lost last year due to stress, which just goes to prove that we are not getting a decent work life balance. So what’s the solution? How do we make sure we don’t get bogged down by out things to do list and still manage to get five minutes peace at the end of the day?

Cover your needs first

Many of us spend a large proportion of our day making sure the needs of others are met. So much so, we often neglect our own needs, which can lead to exhaustion and then stress. Make sure you make a commitment to your own health and wellbeing. Remember that having some ‘me time’ is as important as working.

Work in your work hours only

Harder than you may think, but when your working hours are up, stop working. Working longer hours doesn’t necessarily mean you are getting more work done. Make sure you leave work on time and don’t take work home with you. You’ll soon start to reorganise your day so you get more done whilst you are at work.

Stop multitasking

You might think that having multiple tasks on the go will mean you get through them quicker but multitasking is actually detrimental to your productivity. The long-term effects of multitasking are even worse. Multitasking causes a spike in cortisol (which is the stress hormone) and this wears down your body over time. Start to do one thing at a time so you can really focus and you’ll find you get through it quicker, and the outcome will be better.

Don’t be too hard on yourself

You could spend all your time working, making decisions and always on the go but you would not be doing yourself any justice. You will just be increasing your workload and your health and wellbeing will suffer. Stop feeling like you need to take the whole world on. Tackle each problem one by one, learn to say no and give yourself a break. There is no shame in admitting that you need some help, so where you can make sure you delegate tasks out to others.


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