These TED Talks will make you smarter with your money

Here are some of the best TED Talks that you should watch if you are trying to better understand, make more or just be better with money.

Shlomo Benartzi – Saving for tomorrow, tomorrow

Saving money is never easy but it is important. What economist Shlomo Benartzi reveals in this video is the why it’s difficult to save. He presents the various behaviours that inhibit us in our efforts to save, then he discusses how we can overcome the destructive behaviours, which will enable us to find the best solution to save for the future.

Cameron Herold – Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs

Teaching children about money can be a minefield, especially as we are all trying to get our heads around finance for ourselves first. Teaching children about money and finance is one thing, but teaching them how to make money is a whole other ball game. We often push our children into professions that we think are well paid, but they might not offer the greatest lifestyle, however, entrepreneur Cameron Herold thinks we should ‘be raising kids to be entrepreneurs instead of lawyers.’ He presents a compelling argument and if nothing else, you can take away a different view on the lessons we should be teaching our children.

Daniel Goldstein – The battle between your present and future self

Behavioural economist Daniel Goldstein talks about the struggle between our ‘two selves’, the present and future self. He explains why we make some of the decisions we do in the present, even if we know that it may have negative consequences in the future.  He goes on to discuss how we can stop neglecting our future selves and change our decision-making in the process.


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