Get business savvy on your commute

On average, workers in the UK spend around 55 minutes on their commute, and there are more than 3 million people whose commute lasts up to 2 hours every day. Commuting for more than 20 minutes a day has been shown to leave you more susceptible to chronic stress or burnout. So how can change your commute so that you get them most out of your time, and hopefully lessen the strain it puts on your day?

How about using the time to listen to something worthwhile? There are many podcasts that you can listen to that aim to give you a better understanding of the business world. You can brush up on the finer points of finance or get fired up for busy workday by listening to some great entrepreneurial tips.

Here are some of the best podcasts that you can listen to whilst you commute. Use them to kickstart your day!

The Tim Ferris Show

Author of the famous ‘4-Hour’ series, Tim Ferris talks with some top leaders in their field and breaks down their techniques and their thought processes. He also shares life lessons he’s learnt and how to improve your business skills. 

Freakonomics Radio

Journalist Stephen Dubner teamed up with economist Steven Levitt back in 2005 to create the (now best-selling) book Freakonomics. Since then, the franchise has grown rapidly and includes this insightful podcast. Freakonomics Radio delves into a wide huge range of topics such as ‘why the mattress industry is booming when people buy so few mattresses in their lifetime’, and ‘how to get more grit in your life’. They speak to top industry leaders to break down large complex theories and big data into understandable chunks of knowledge.

Hard Pass

Senior finance correspondent Linette Lopez and Senior Editor for Business Insider Josh Barro have a weekly podcast that delivers in no more than 10-minutes a complete breakdown on dense topics. The podcast is easy to understand and it’s actually enjoyable to listen to.

Planet Money

Planet Money is probably the most well-known business podcast available, and once you’ve listened to one, you’ll understand why; they are easy to follow and enjoyable no matter what your financial background. Twice a week there is a new podcast that delivers well thought out, entertaining and relevant, timely topics for you to listen to.

Main photo credit: brainblogger


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