Boost your bank balance with these money making side hustles

We could all do with extra cash every now and again, whether it’s to boost your savings or to buy yourself something nice once in a while, but how often do you manage to get your hands on some extra money? Unless it’s you’ve had a windfall or it’s your birthday, probably not that often!

If you are looking for ways to make some extra cash then it’s time you looked for a side hustle – something you can do outside of your main job that can earn you quick cash. Here are some suggestions of the most popular side-hustles out there that you can do now:

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk


Amazon Mechanical Turk (also known as mturk) is a website that allows you to pick up tasks that have been posted by ‘requesters’. The tasks can be from wide and varied sources, but you will find many posted by universities, researchers, small business owners and consumer research groups. When they set their task, they also list how much they will pay you – some are willing to pay handsomely for your time.

The great thing about mturk is that it’s totally up to you which tasks you take on. You can do as many or as little as you please. You go through the tasks, select the ones you want to do, complete the task then submit.

Be a virtual Assistant


Being a virtual assistant is a great gig as you get to be in control of your own time, you get to choose who you work for and you can do it from anywhere you have a good internet connection. Gone are the days where being a virtual assistant consisted mainly of bookkeeping and sorting accounts; now you can work on a huge range of well-paid work. People are looking for help for all sorts of tasks, from transcribing their books to finding new sales lead and everything in between. Good places to look for work are Gumtree, Fiverr and Problogger.

Like to talk? Be a voice over actor

15316242463_3a5398f5e0_h (4)
Photo credit:
Fire At Will [Photography]

Being a voice over actor can get you hundreds (and in some cases thousands) of extra pounds each month. You’ll be surprised at the range of voices needed for different jobs, so don’t think you need they typical ‘radio voice’. You don’t really need any professional training, but if you do have some acting experience it won’t hurt and it would be good to add it to your showreel. All you need is some basic recording equipment, a nice quiet room and a spare hour or two. Get yourself onto or and start auditioning for jobs right away!


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