Why millennials are the key to entrepreneurial success…

Millennials have had a lot of bad press recently, with news outlets filled with stories about how they are ‘hard to manage’, how they are ‘bored’ and how they are ‘self-obsessed’. But they can’t be all bad – in fact, millennials have a lot to offer the workforce especially when it comes to being entrepreneurial.

Millennials know how to dream big, how to follow their own rules and how to achieve heightened success without having to follow archaic business methods.

Here are some qualities that millennials possess that make them stand out and have the edge over other generations when it comes to business:

They don’t want to wait

Some may say being impatient is a bad thing, but for entrepreneurial millennials, it means they are not willing to wait around for a job that is not going to help them in fulfilling their dreams. A survey by Deloitte found that 25% of Millennials would have no hesitation in leaving their current employer in the next 12 months. This rises to 44%, who didn’t expect to still be with their current employer after two years.  Many see this as having the wrong attitude, but it is this unfaltering desire to achieve more and the unwillingness to ‘make-do’ with a mediocre job that propels them to start their own company – which can prove to be massively fulfilling, and they could learn more than they ever would working a regular 9-5.

They have idealistic morals

Many millennial CEO’s don’t believe that their business is only about making a profit. They run their companies with the idea to not only contribute to their own pockets but to help their communities or contribute to global social change. It’s important that companies offer their employees a great place to work with high work-life balance (with many companies offering flexible working), they want to ensure their customers have the best service and they care about their environmental impact.

They want to be in control…

Which also means they are happy to accept responsibility for their actions. 77% believe that their career path is in their own hands and they are happy to forge their own path in life, instead of feeling like they have to follow a road well trodden. This is a critical skill and mindset that all the best entrepreneurs have.

They are optimistic

Millennials tend to have an optimistic view about their career and the economy, and why shouldn’t they? Many were in the early stages of their careers at the time of the last crash in 2008 and they’ve seen and experienced tough times that they had to knuckle down and get through, but they did it and came out the other side. So when it comes to their outlook on the future and their careers they believe that they will be ok, and with hard work, lots of effort and masses of self-confidence they will succeed.

Main photo credit: hahn.elizabeth34


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