Need to bring in some extra cash? Here some ideas…

Here are some top ideas that can bring in some extra cash as and when you need it:


You don’t always have to pack in your full-time job to be able to take on some extra freelance work. Do you have any skills that are in high demand? Or perhaps you you have a hobby that can make you money, for example – people will pay a tidy sum for your photography or editing skills, which can be done in out of work hours. To find work look on job sites and get talking to people – many often know someone else who might be in need of your skills.

Coach others

Have you been working in your field for a long time and have you seen pretty much everything that can be seen? Why not offer up yourself as a career coach? Many people need some guidance when starting their career, or are looking for some advice on how to move up the ladder, and they are often quite happy to pay a pretty packet for the pleasure. Advertise your services in industry press or contact businesses directly and offer your services. You might also find that helping others with their careers can bring you a lot of satisfaction. If you are good it will also help your reputation.


It could be for school students or for adults, but monetising your expertise is always a good idea. You don’t always have to offer up core subjects either – can you speak another language fluently? Do you know how to play an instrument? Or can you use Photoshop to an advanced level? All these skills could be taught to others who will be more than happy to pay you for your time. You don’t always need to have face-to-face lessons either; consider offering skype lessons, which will open you up to more people and eradicate your travel costs.

Rent out your space

Do you have a spare room or will you be away for the summer? Think about renting your space out to a lodger. Check with your local university if they have any student’s that need a room? They often have overseas students that need a place to stay. Also think about renting out your driveway or garage – in some places you can get up to £20 a day for the space.

Sell your old electronics

Check your cupboards for any old electronic devices that are left lying about as they could be worth some money. Companies like Mazuma Mobile or Carphone Warehouse will buy your old devices, and if they are quite new you could get upwards of £50 for it. Some sites will also by your old cd’s, video tapes and dvd’s so it’s worth finding out how much they are worth too.

Main photo credit: 401(K) 2013


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