Watch these YouTube channels if you want to make more money…

Learning about personal finance, frugality and entrepreneurship is always going to put you one step ahead of your competition, but don’t think you have to take to books to get all your information. Check out our list on the best money focused podcasts to listen to here, and follow the YouTube channels below to get the best money-saving, making and investing videos.

Robin Sharma

Robin Sharma is all about helping you to live your best life. He’s into entrepreneurship in a big way but he breaks that down into smaller topics such as life lessons, leadership, productivity and personal growth. He gives you good, constructive methods of reaching success; which iws always welcome advice.


The video accompaniment of their popular magazine, the Kiplinger YouTube channel delivers great videos about personal finance. They pack in a lot of information, so it’s good if you are trying to learn about a specific topic, which are about saving, retirement, cars, investing, college and ‘best places’. From ‘Worst wedding gifts to give’ to the ‘4 golden rules of investing’, you’ll never be short of an interesting video to watch.

The Frugal Chef

Are you looking for a way to cut back your grocery bills? Or maybe you’ve had enough of spending big bucks on what ends up being a very mediocre lunch then you need this channel. It’s packed with low-cost meals suggestions and recipes that you can prepare at home. The techniques are easy to follow and all are based on affordable ingredients, but delivering maximum flavour!

Money Talks News

Ever wished you could watch a blog rather than read it? Then this Money Talks News channel is for you. Money Talks News is made up of a series of news segments presented by Stacy Johnson. She covers basic personal finance and money-saving tip and tricks.

eHow Finance

This channel present videos from a huge range of financial industry leaders discussing all types of personal finance. The videos aim to answer financial questions like how to ‘Become a day trader’ and ‘Basic financial accounting’. If you’ve ever wondered how to do something concerning making or managing money you’ll be sure to find the guide on here.

Photo credit: Images_of_Money


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