The top money apps in 2016

No matter what you need to plan for or save for, there is an app that can help you manage your money. Don’t let yourself get caught out because you haven’t paid attention to your finances. Use these suggestions to stay alert, so you never have any confusion about your money.

You Need a Budget

Also known as YNAB, this app is well-loved by its users. YNAB aims to make you ‘give every dollar a job’, ‘embrace your true expenses’, ‘roll with the punches’, and ‘age your money’. They want you to use this app as a way of changing your financial mindset, not just for tracking your money. Get it here.


When it comes to tracking and managing your money, Monese really is useful. Using the app on your phone you can immediately see your balance and your past transactions, without needing to log in to the app, just by looking in your notifications tray. You also get to make instant transactions and money transfers only cost you 0.5% on top of the mid market rate, which is one of the cheapest rates available. Getting an account only take 120 seconds and all you need is your passport or national i.d card. Download the app now!

UK Salary Calculator

If you are looking for work in the UK this app will be used a lot! With it, you can find out your take home pay based on your annual, daily or monthly wage. It makes is really easy to compare salaries. It might sound simple but what makes it good is that it takes into account NI (National Insurance), pension and student loan contributions, so you get a real sense of what you will get paid every month.

Toshl Finance

Toshl describes its app as being a ‘personal finance manager that puts expense and budget tracking at the forefront of money management’. It lets you track your expenses and incomes like most other apps, but where it differs is when it come to setting up to recurring expenses and incomes and will send you reminders to pay your bills on time. It also lets you export your expense reports into PDF, Excel, Google Docs or CSV easily.


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