This is how you save money travelling around Europe

How does enjoying a coffee overlooking the Colosseum, wandering along the Seine at dusk or drinking a cold Guinness in Dublin sound for a great holiday? Taking some time to travel around Europe to take in all the cultural delights is on the top of many bucket lists, but most people are put off by the costs of making the trip.

When it comes to travelling, money can be spent very easily, and if you are not careful you could end up spending far more than you had planned. But it doesn’t always mean you have to miss out, with careful planning and knowing where to find the best deal you can still have an amazing trip. All you need to do is follow our handy tips below, and you’ll soon be sipping that aforementioned coffee.

Plan carefully

Think about the destinations that you want to visit  – it’s going to be much cheaper if you pick countries that are closer together as your plane or train tickets will likely end up being your biggest expense. You’ll also have to think about the country itself – if you plan on visiting places like Switzerland or the UK you will find that they are pricier than other countries such as Spain or Portugal, so think about where your money will stretch the farthest. Some point to remember:

  • Summer in Europe will be the most expensive time to visit. Visiting in the autumn or winter will be cheaper and less crowded. Yes, you won’t want to lie on any beaches as it will be cold, but how visiting the Black Forest in the Autumn to take in the wonderful colours, or going skiing in the Alps in the winter?
  • When it comes to flying, check out the smaller, low-cost airlines including Ryanair, Easyjet, Icelandair, Norwegian and WOW Air to get the best deals.

Stay connected

You’ll want to use your phone whist you are travelling, after all you’ll need to share your amazing photos with your friends and family back home. Make sure you are a little tech-savvy so you don’t get stung by expensive data and call fees.

  • Contact your service provider to let them know you will be going away. Some will allow you buy a travel add-on which give you international calls and data roaming for a set price, so there’s no chance of running up a huge bill.
  • Use free WiFi when you can, ask at your hotel but also when you are out and about.

Move around

When you have arrived at your destination you’ll need to buy travel tickets to get around locally. The cost of public transport can vary massively in different regions so make sure you check the prices for your specific destinations before you travel.

  • If you are travelling to many destinations consider investing in a Eurail Pass. This can save you a lot of money by allowing you to visit up to 28 countries for a fixed cost.

See the sights

Europe is home to many cultural treasures and you will want to see some on your trip. Many attractions will require you to book in advance and can be expensive; and some have very long queues which will eat up your time.

  • If you are heading towards big cities like Paris, Rome or London consider buying a city pass that will let you visit all the main attractions for one price. The are great as they save you money, but some also let you skip the queues, so no need to wait around for hours, you can walk straight in.
  • If you are a student remember to bring your student i.d with you as many attractions offer a student discount, or in some places students can visit for free.

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