Want to be a digital nomad? These tools are essential!

Do you have dreams of becoming a digital nomad? There are now more than 4.6 million people registered as self-employed – the highest amount ever in the UK and they worth an estimated £21 billion to the UK economy. Businesses are now far more open to using freelancers and remote workers so finding work as a freelancer is now not as difficult as it once was.

Going freelance does have many advantages, but you do have to work hard to stay on top of the day-to-day and paperwork so you don’t end up getting yourself in a knot when it comes to the details. You have to make sure you are capable of delivering your work and managing your finances, contracts and everything else.

Make your digital nomad life easy by using the best remote working tools available:


On the top of everyone’s list is money. Accessing your cash flow is essential to running your business, so you need an account that is going to allow you to get paid and pay others no matter where you are. This is where Monese comes into its own. With a Monese account you don’t need to waste time visiting a local branch to open your account, which also means you don’t need to have numerous amounts of i.d or credit history; all you need to get your UK bank account with Monese is your passport or national i.d. Using the app, you can get your UK account number and sort code in as little as 120 seconds, and as soon as you have that, you can get paid.

You will then be sent a Monese Visa Contactless card, which you can use anywhere that accepts Visa cards. Through the app you can see all payments in and out, get your balance using the Insta-balance feature, transfer money easily and share your unique referral code to make yourself a free £5!

Easy Invoicing

As  a digital nomad you will be needing to invoice various businesses at various intervals, and it’s vital you stay on top of your paperwork to allow ease of tracking and for when it comes to paying your taxes. You could always create your own template and manage your invoices manually, but the risk of making mistakes is high. Programs like FreshBooks and Xero remove the stress from the process. They allow you to create branded invoices, deal with your expenses, automate recurring invoices and do bank reconciliations. Another great feature is that they are cloud-based which is perfect if you are going to be moving around as you only need an internet connection to access your files.

Control your documents

Whilst you are moving around you will need to keep a tight grip on your work documents. You are going to need a way to digitize your receipts, electronically sign documents and share the documents easily.

One of the very best apps out there is ScannerPro which allows you to scan any document and save it as a PDF on your phone, then you can quickly share it. SignNow does exactly as its name suggests, sign any document on your phone, then send it to your customers or colleagues instantly.

As a digital nomad you must always make sure you backup your work to the cloud using online storage space from Google Docs or Dropbox, it would be disaster if you lost all your work! Make sure you stay connected and can have face to face chats with people using Skype, Google Hangouts or Slack.


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