Doing these 4 things will make you INSTANTLY more employable

Don’t let a gap between jobs be your downfall. Whether you’ve been laid off, let go or you walked away of your own accord, make sure you work on keeping your skills up so you are even more employable than before. If you don’t put in effort to stay employable, you’ll find that you will lose out to others who have more experience or qualifications than you.

Skill up

Whilst you are not working you need to use the time wisely. Remember, you are not on holiday and you need to make sure you are using the time in-between jobs wisely. Be proactive in finding the skills that you need to get into a strong position in work. Look at certificate programs, online courses and tutorials, workshops and networking events.


If you have taken some time off to explore new avenues and you are not in desperate need of money right now then you should consider using some of your time to volunteer in an area that you are interested in. Try offering some of your skills that you used in work to help out a charity or community scheme.

Work part-time

Whilst you are looking for a new full-time job, keep the money coming in by working part-time in the sector that you are trying to break into. You’ll get the opportunity to work on your skills both in work and on your days off, whilst you are making enough money to tide you over. It’s going to fill the gap whilst you are not in a 9-5 and you might even find a place that you want to join full time.

Write more

When it comes to blogging think of it being less ‘online diary’ and more ‘industry press’. Write about the things that matter in your industry. What advice, ideas, insights or problems can you share with your audience? It will help to raise your profile and if a company can see that you are interested outside of your day job they are going to want your opinions and views which you can charge for. Grow your audience and become known for being a thought leader and expert in your field. 


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