Get more money with these confidence boosting tricks…

Chronic self-doubt can be utterly crippling. You second guess your decisions, you are not confident in your abilities and you might even feel like you’re an imposter in your own job. It can restrict how you feel about yourself and your abilities to perform at work making it harder to achieve the success you truly want. But there is a way out, you can learn self-confidence. It is possible to change things around so you can get the validation you deserve, without going through high anxiety to get it.

Play the part

Show up and look the part. Make sure your outfit reflects what you are trying to achieve and it will automatically give you a confidence boost. Buy outfits that make you feel great, even a few new items will make the difference to how you feel.

Know your stuff

Take the time to brush up on the key pieces of information or topics that you need to know about before any meetings, don’t walk in there blind. Knowing your facts when people ask you questions will make you instantly feel better – no one can catch you off guard or make you feel like you don’t know your stuff. You’ll get a confidence boost from contributing something worthwhile to the discussion and people will be more inclined to listen to you in the future.

Practice public speaking

One of the most common fears that people have is public speaking, so you are not alone in your glossophobia. You can practice public speaking by joining local courses or Toastmasters, which help teach you speech and body language techniques. Being able to give good, informative and enjoyable talks can make all the difference when it comes to getting noticed at work, and it could help when it comes to getting a promotion.

Stick by your decisions

Make sure you make well-considered and informed decisions, then don’t second guess them. If you have taken the time to make a well thought out decision, then there is no need for you to change your mind. Others may try to persuade you otherwise, but you know your decision made sense, so there is no need to change it. Stand firm and see your idea through.


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