Easy ways to save money every day

Follow these great easy tips to save (and in some cases make) money every day.

Do you watch live t.v?

Do you ever watch live t.v anymore? Ofcom said that among all UK adults, 69% of all viewing is for live TV. However, that share dropped to 61% for 25-34s and just 50% among 16-24s. If you don’t watch live t.v you don’t need to pay a t.v licence. So, if you watch only catch up t.v you could potentially save yourself up to £145.50 a year. If you do watch live t.v online, you will still need to pay the licence fee.

At uni? Save on textbooks…

Textbooks can end up costing you mega £’s if you buy them from new. Check out your student or local library for books you can borrow. Also look on Amazon as people are often selling popular used textbooks for a fraction of the price that you’d pay for it new.

Act early

Plan your days out as far in advance as you can and you can often snap up mega early deals, which could save you a few £’s. Take full advantage of 2for1’s and discount codes. Check sites like Groupon, Wowcher and Vouchercodes to see if they have any special deals available. Also check out places like the cinema to see if they have any special offers on specific days.

Use loyalty cards

If you regularly shop at the same places sign up to their loyalty card scheme. Remember this is different to a store card (you do not want one of those!) Loyalty cards allow you to collect ‘points’ when you spend, then usually reward you by means of vouchers or money off when you have collected enough points to be redeemed. Also remember to check with smaller, independent shops to see if they have a loyalty scheme, many do. Places like coffee shops, book stores and hairdressers may offer them, so it’s worth a check.

Turn off everything

Leaving your devices charging or your lights on around your home is going to be costing you money. Make sure you turn off plug sockets, switch off your lights and turn off your devices when you are not using them. Leaving them in is literally throwing money away for absolutely no reason!


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