Don’t let travel get in in the way of your productivity

If the thought of travelling and being away from the office is bringing you out in hives, have a read of our top productivity hacks that will let you enjoy your holiday and avoid any stress whilst you are away:

Plan your time away effectively

It’s not just as simple as giving a quick handover and setting your out of office notice. You need to make sure you plan weeks in advance. Make a list that includes an absolutely worst case scenario and how to handle it, and then delegate tasks. Also figure out which tasks take the longest to complete and if any need your sign off. By doing so you can make sure anything that needs your attention get’s it before you are away and anything else can wait until you are back.

Set your limits

Let people know that you are going to be away in advanced (your clients shouldn’t find out that you are away from your out of office notification!) If you are going to be completely off-grid then let people know. In some situations you might need to be contacted so it’s best to let your team know when this is possible (so if you know you can be reached by email at anytime but call are off-limits, then say so).

Need to work whist you are away?

Then make sure you have good WiFi connection and schedule your work to a time that doesn’t interfere with your holiday too much. Maybe get up early and get through your work before you get to breakfast? Also see what tasks you can get done before you leave for your holiday and then automate them to be delivered whilst you are away. Check out Boomerang and Streak for some great automation tools that can send emails whilst you are away.

Stick to your schedule

No matter what, you should try to stick to your schedule. Remember that you are on holiday and the whole point is to have a rest away from work. Communicate your plan with your team, let them know what needs to be done and when by, and then let them get on with it. No-one likes to be pestered and you also don’t want to be spending your time away checking up on people!


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