Are your skills up to scratch?

It’s all too easy to find yourself so engrossed in the busy work that you forget to keep up to date with your skills. To advance in your career you need to make sure that you keep pace with your industry and not ignore the new and emerging skills that companies are looking for.

Here are some ways you can check if your skills are becoming outdated, and some tips to get you back on track:

Look at what’s happening in your industry

Take an interest in what moves are happening in your industry. You always need to be aware of any new developments that are starting to be used, look at any new technologies or ways of working that are starting to be adopted. Make it your job to know and understand what ways your job could begin to change and then stay on top of the skills that will make you even more employable in the future.

Read job ads

Take some time to explore the job boards even when you are not looking for a job. They’ll give you a good understanding of what hiring managers are looking for in their new hires. Look for mentions of essential skills for the job, it’s here you will find out what areas you can brush up on to make yourself more marketable.

Speak to the new person

When your company hire someone new have a look at their background and skill set. If you can, take them for a coffee and have an informal chat, remember to not interview them! Are they particularly strong in an area that you have overlooked? It’s a good chance to see not only what your company is interested in but also what other people are making their core skills.

Set achievable goals

Once you know the areas that you are not strong in, set yourself goals that you can manage in small steps. Work on what you want to learn by taking short courses or online programs and stick at them. Also remember to work on your ‘soft skills’ like your people skills and your ability to work under pressure.

By developing your skills you are ensuring your ability to not only keep you job, but to advance up the career ladder and to make more money in the long run. It helps you feel more confident in work and also gives you a great sense of security.

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