How to boost your focus in less than 5 minutes

We can all identify with having lapses of concentration when you are trying to work your way through a small mountain of tasks. It’s all too easy to get lose your focus, but for every distraction you have, it takes up to 25 minutes for your concentration to return, if it ever comes back at all!

Being distracted is part of everyday life. We get notifications, emails, phone calls and the lure of the internet is sometimes too hard to resist; just think about how hard it is to ignore your phone when it buzzes. The hard truth is that if you don’t focus you’ll quickly waste your precious time on things that don’t matter and your work will get neglected. You’ll find your task list getting longer as you are not clearing your projects fast enough and to try to compensate you’ll work later and longer days, eating into your down time.

Here are some ways you can make sure you stay on your a-game all day, so you can have the most productive day ever!

Don’t banish your tech, use it differently

A simple way to not get distracted is to move all your technology away from you when you work, but how realistic is that? Instead of trying to isolate yourself, use technology to keep you on track. Use software like StayFocusd that help to stop you from being your own worst enemy. StayFocusd works by blocking the most distracting websites on the internet, and when you do try to get on them a friendly reminder pops up saying ‘shouldn’t you be working?’

Make yourself unavailable

Turn off your notifications and block book your calendar for the times you really need to get your head down. You can still get them through on your computer but they are less distracting than those from your phone. If you work in a busy office think about escaping your distracting coworkers and move to a quiet space or coffee shop to get your task done.

Stop multitasking

Despite it making us feel like we are working efficiently, multitasking is actually detrimental to your productivity. Simplify your work into to individual tasks and then work through them in the order of most important first. Not only will you get through the work faster it also feels incredibly satisfying to check tasks off your list!

If all else fails…

Go offline, totally. Set your phone to ‘do not disturb’, turn off your wi-fi and ignore people for a while. Most of our distractions come from the internet so it makes sense that disconnecting from it for a while helps to increase your productivity. The best time to go offline is in the morning, so wake up, check your emails and sort through what’s urgent, then log off. Get through an hour or two of work, then log back on and check up on your emails, then repeat. Working this way will really enhance your productivity.

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