What makes young millionaires different from you? No, it’s not just their money!

Becoming a millionaire is no easy feat. You could find yourself working your whole life and never hit the million mark, which is fine if that’s not your goal, but for many of us, it is. One thing that has been more common in the internet age is the rise of young millionaires. There are loads of young entrepreneurs that have made their millions by the time they were 25, and it wasn’t an accident.

So what attributes do they have that most others don’t?

They don’t care about your opinion of them

giphy (4)

Young millionaires tend to have a thick skin and don’t get caught up in what others think of them. They have their own visions and own goals to achieve so they spend very little time listening to other people’s opinions on how they should be living, working or behaving. They also don’t care if they are not liked by everyone. In the word of Steve Jobs ‘your time is limited so don’t waste it living somebody else’s life.’

They work on their strengths…

giphy (5)

Not just their weaknesses. Our whole lives we are told to work on our weaknesses but this can work against you. Yes, it’s a good idea to make sure you are as capable as possible in life, but neglecting your strong points is only going to waste your time. Trying to become the best at something you are naturally weak in is ultimately going to stop you from becoming great. By focusing on your strengths you can surround yourself with complimentary people who are great where you fall short. This way you get to keep moving your company forward towards success. Don’t be the jack of all trades, unless you can be the master of all.

They don’t sell their time

giphy (6)

Young millionaires rarely make their money by working for a salary. Ok, so some did start out working a day job just like everyone else, but they had bigger aspirations and knew that working this way wouldn’t make them millions. The reason why it won’t make you rich is that unlike a business, it’s not scalable. You can’t find more hours to sell, they are limited in supply. If you want vast wealth then you need to have something that you can grow and leverage, so that it makes you money even when you are not directly working on it.

They get inspired easily

giphy (7)

Young millionaires are open to new ideas and actively seek mentoring from people that they look up to. They want to be challenged to achieve more and are willing to put in the hard work to get results. They also have a sense of urgency, so they don’t want to wait. Because of this, they make sure they get straight to the point of what they are trying to learn or achieve, including finding people who they can emulate and expand their network.


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