Make the most of your weekend with these great money saving ideas

Had a busy week? The weekend in nearly here and you can have a good rest, but also remember that you can use your time productively too. Why not make the most of your weekend by getting through some cheap (or even free) tasks that will banish the Monday morning blues? They don’t need to be too time-consuming, leaving you time to really relax and make next week the best ever!

  • Try some new recipes
    Plan some new meals for the week ahead and practice cooking a few new meals. They don’t need to be expensive, have a look at some cheap meal plans here for some ideas.

  • Get rid of your clutter
    Finally get round to clearing out all your junk. Sort through what can be sold online and what can be donated to charity, then get rid of the rest. You’ll feel so much better without all the junk!

  • In a similar vein, clear out your emails!
    Take a moment to get to inbox 0. You’ll get to manage your emails, unsubscribe from all the junk ones and be totally ready for Monday.

  • Exercise
    Take the time this weekend to get in some exercise. Clear your mind by going for a run or escape the city and go for a walk somewhere amazing. Check out some good walks here.

  • Do some networking
    Go through your connections on LinkedIn and add everyone that you have been meaning to. Update your bio and online c.v and add any new skills that you may have.

  • Download useful apps
    Get your life organised by downloading some useful apps. Get your budget sorted by using apps like Mint or Goodbudget, find out nice places to go near where you are with Great Little Place and update your banking with Monese.

Of all the things you could do this coming weekend, make sure you also take some time to actually rest


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