This is how Google can save you some cash…

Have you ever used Google Alerts? For the uninitiated, Google Alerts is a service that allows you to be sent emails on any new results such as web pages, news articles, blog and, well, anything else that crop up for your given search terms. It’s particularly useful for staying up to date with any subject that you are carefully watching and it can be particularly useful when it comes to saving yourself some £s.

First of all, have a look at this short and simple guide on how to set up effective Google alerts, then have a read of our suggestion on how to use Alerts to save you time and money every day.

Bag yourself a bargain…

For the exact item that you have your heart set on buying. This is where Google Alerts comes into its own. You can create an alert using the name of the item, the brand and any other features that you are looking for (like size or colour). Then, once Google finds any new news featuring your search terms, you’ll get an email letting you know straight away. So all you need to do is sit back and watch the deals roll in.

Never miss a flash sale again

Make sure you set up alerts to keep an eye on any exclusive sales, short-term money off deals or any other offer from your favourite stores. Use search terms including the name of your chosen store and words like ‘sale’, ‘discount’, ‘free delivery’ and ‘discount code’. You can also use it to alert you to price drops – so when the new watch you’ve had your eye on comes into your price range, you’ll know about it instantly.

Find reliable product reviews

Imagine you’re on the hunt for a laptop and you’ve found two that are similar in price and spec, but you are not sure which is better? You’ll want to get some more information and read some honest reviews about which one is the right one for you. Using the alerts, you can create a situation that finds you all the relevant reviews, and can even find you specific reviews and comparisons, that lets you make an informed decision on which laptop to buy.

Once you have managed to find what you need (and saved mega-bucks in the process), don’t forget to cancel or change your alerts. You don’t want to be swamped with alerts that are no longer needed or useful, so adjust them to stop or change the frequency of the emails you receive. If you are using Google alerts correctly, you shouldn’t be burdened by hundreds of notifications, but delivered great money-saving emails instead.


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