You need to watch these TED Talks now!

Here are some of the best TED Talks that you can watch to get clued up on life, money, happiness and productivity, so get watching now!

Graham Hill – ‘Can less stuff lead to more happiness?’

Are you an avid shopper? Are you having to de-clutter more often? Or maybe you just like to buy stuff? No matter the reason, acquiring more products is not only making you poor, it is also making you unhappy. Graham discusses his journey to cutting ‘stuff’ out of this life and why the usefulness and quality of the things you buy can have a lasting effect on your happiness.

Nigel Marshall – ‘How to make a work-life balance, work’

Ever feel like you are over-worked? Do you live for the weekend, then when it arrives it’s over with all too quickly? Then you might not have your work-life balance worked out properly. Nigel explains why it’s important for you to have your own work-life plan, and not let your employer dictate what this should be.

Alexa Von Tobel  — ‘One Life-Changing Class You Never Took’

Alexa covers money and personal finance and looks at the problem with not being educated properly about personal finance. She talks you through the pitfalls of poor financial decisions and how they can affect your future.

Susan Colantuo – ‘The career advice you probably didn’t get’

Sharing some key insights and statistics, Susan describes the powerful career advice that you probably haven’t been told yet. Whilst aimed at women, the advice is so sound that everyone can benefit from watching the talk. It’s particularly good if you are new to a career or are looking to move up the ladder soon.

Main photo credit: jurvetson


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