Don’t replace your holiday vibes with back to work blues…

So you’ve just got back from an amazing holiday, you’re feeling relaxed and you’ve got a renewed energy for life – and then you remember you have work on Monday. That’s when the back to work blues hits you and the memories of you holiday starts to fade into a strange unease about what you’ll be facing when you go back to work – will you have tons of emails to answer, endless phone calls to make and what if something’s gone wrong?

It’s never easy returning to work after a holiday but you can help yourself to ease back into things without facing any feelings of despair – here’s how you can banish the back to work blues and prolong your fresh from holiday mind and body.

Don’t return on a Monday

The easiest trick in the book – don’t start back at work on a Monday. If you can return to work on a Wednesday or a Thursday, then you only have to get through a few days of work before you have your weekend. It’s enough time to get yourself back up to speed with what’s happened while you were away, but not really get into the more heavy work, so you get to ease yourself back in.

Get up early

Although it will be hard to return back to your commute after relaxing for a week on a sunny beach, getting up early will help. Leave yourself plenty of time to get yourself ready, have breakfast and miss the jam-packed trains by getting on an earlier service. If you have a few moments spare, take some time to exercise, do some yoga or meditate before you set off to work. It will help to centre you before your busy day.

Get up to speed

Once you arrive at work, take the time to get yourself back up to speed. It’s a good idea to make sure that you leave your day back free from meetings or important phone calls, so set this up before you go away. You need to take a minute to go and speak to your team members and get caught up on anything that you may have missed. Maybe go for a coffee and work through things slowly.

Delete, delete, delete

You are more than likely to return to a swamped email inbox and nothing can be more soul-draining than having to sort through hundreds of now resolved emails. This is where you can get smart – sort through your emails backwards. It’s more than likely the emails you have been included on have already been resolved, so reading the message chain backwards clears this up for you quickly. Anything that didn’t get a reply can get looked at quickly and also check through any emails with attachments. Everything else can just get deleted, if it’s important they’ll have had your out of office contact details, or they’ll email you back.


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