Don’t panic! You can still reach your money goals by 2017…

We have already passed the halfway point of 2016 and you might be feeling a little down if you haven’t achieved all that you set out for the year. But chin up – there is still time to get further in your financial goals!

Here are some ways you can get your 2016 financial goals back on track…

Reduce your expenses

It’s never too late to get a grip on your outgoings. Take stock of your incomings and then set a budget that includes all your expenses and bills. Use apps like You Need A Budget and Mint to jot down all your small expenses, like what you spend on coffee and food, then start to cut back. It’s also a good idea to cut down on your energy bills – use comparison sites to find the best switching deals.

Get a second income

You still have plenty of time to get a side hustle. Rather than stressing about not having enough money, action getting more. Do you have a particular set of skills that you can offer? Maybe you have some spare time and can pick up some consulting on the side? Have a read of out top side hustle suggestions – some can even end up paying more than your day job!

Drop your bad habits!

Is that new year’s resolution of getting healthy becoming a distant memory? Don’t let yourself waste money on your bad habits! Drinking too much or too often, smoking and eating fast food regularly is not only having a negative effect on your health, it’s also draining your money. Stopping spending on your bad habits could save you hundreds of £’s by the end of the year and make you feel miles better in the process.


Whether you put aside £5 or £500 a month, it’s all going to help in the long run, and there is still time to make a difference this year. Most of the advice says to have at least three to six months income in your emergency fund, but this is not always achievable, so try to have at least enough to cover your vital expenses just incase you end up in a jam.


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