The best non-finance skills you need to save money

You don’t need to be a finance wiz to save yourself some money, nor do you need to always rely on others when it comes to sorting small problems out. Yes, it’s easy and convenient to pay someone else to sort out your problems, but it’s not cheap!

Here are some of the best skills you can acquire that will save you money in the long run.


giphy (12)

This is one of those skills (like finance) that I think everyone should be taught in school – how to maintain a home. It’s one of those things that will happen to all of us at some point in our lives, something breaks, goes wrong or you just fancy a change in our home and we are faced with either dealing with it ourselves or calling someone (usually expensive) in.

A lot of household repairs are easily fixable with just a little amount of effort and knowhow – use websites like diybasics and check out YouTube for reliable tutorials on the basics. When it comes to safety don’t take any risks – that is when you should call in the professionals. Don’t take any risks with electricity or plumbing if you don’t know what you are doing!


giphy (13)

Making your own food is a really easy way to save yourself some money. Cooking batches of tasty food is great for everyday cost saving. You get to take food to work with you, cutting down the price of lunches too. Get your repertoire up using cookbooks and websites like BBC Food Recipes and practice the basic kitchen skills using these great videos from Jamie Oliver – Jamie’s Home Cooking Skills.

Get Sewing

giphy (14)

Seriously, it helps! In this age of fast fashion, it’s easy to just throw ‘old’ stuff out and buy some more to replace it, but just because fashion is fast it doesn’t mean it is cheap! Now I’m the first to admit that sewing is not an easy skill to master! It can take years of practice before you can actually make anything good, but you can learn a basic stitch for mending small issues. It really doesn’t take much to replace a few button or take a hem up an inch or two, check out How to Sew for some handy guides.


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